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Siberian Larch - Larix sibirica
Siberian Larch
Larix sibirica

Siberian Larch - Larix SibiricaSiberian Larch originated in northern Europe , mainly in Finland and Russia. It was planted in Alaska by the US Bureau of Land Management in Fairbanks and the Mat-Su Valley prior to statehood. It is now grown in south-central and the interior and is migrating to the natural forest. It is a very fast growing tree. It has been known to grow five feet per year and on a good site will easily average three feet per year. It is best suited to open sites or as widely spaced trees above smaller plantings, since it is not tolerant of very much shade. It is seldom damaged by wind or insects. It's only real insect threat is the larch sawfly. This insect is often controlled by birds and is easily controlled by integrated pest management systems.

This is a beautiful tree with light green, very soft needles that turn golden yellow each fall and drop off the tree. For this reason it is an excellent choice where summer shade and winter sun are wanted. In just a few years it will make a newly landscaped area appear much older. This tree holds no attraction for moose and browse damage is very rare. This tree will never be damaged by cold.

May Day Tree - European Bird Cherry
May Day Tree - European Bird Cherry
Prunus padus L
May Day Tree - European Bird Cherry
This small to medium hardwood can be grown as a small tree of a very large shrub, depending on how it is pruned. It blooms in late May or early June and will be completely covered with small white blossoms for 2 weeks to one month.

These numerous blossoms produce a huge crop of small, sweet black cherries. The cherries can be used to produce jelly or wine. If left on the tree they will attract many winter birds since the fruit is very persistent. The tree has little attraction for moose and is rarely damaged by browsing. It is very cold hardy.

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